The Peerage & Knightage in Malta



All the author’s profits will be donated to the Association for Abandoned Animals in Malta

The book is divided into three parts.The Peerage part comprises four sections packed with details about the Maltese nobility , the two Maltese Prince-Cardinals , the Connections between the British peerage and baronetage and Malta and the bone fide Foreign titles to be found in Malta. Full details of these foreign titles are also provided.

The section that deals with the Maltese nobility contains no less than fourteen appendices many of which deal in great detail with decisions on the succession to Maltese titles taken over the years by the Committee of Privileges of the Maltese nobility.

The relevant appendices give cogent reasons as to why these decisions need to be revisited in the interest of justice. The part that deals with the Knightage gives lists of Maltese citizens who hold or once held knighthoods various Orders of Chivalry.

From the forewords of the book:

“It is indeed a lavish tribute to Malta’s rich cultural European heritage.” Mario Cutajar, Cabinet Secretary

“This book’s standard makes it a worthy companion to the nobiliary almanachs regularly published by the great and historic printers of Europe.” The Duke of San Jorge

“…a fascinating reflection of Malta’s remarkable history.” The Chronicler King of Arms of Castile & Leon

“This book is different. It has more density and more intensity.” Judge Giovanni Bonello

“The Peerage and Knightage in Malta unapologetically celebrates the immense cultural heritage of the Maltese islands and underlines Malta’s impeccable credentials as an ancient and proud European nation.” The Lord Lingfield

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