Medals of the Knights and the Maltese Islands – LAST COPIES

Commemoratives, Insignias and Tokens relating to Malta and Foreign Awards to Maltese Personalities


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Volume One

Foreword (p.xiii)
Introduction – Medals of the Order of St John and Malta (p.xvii)
A Brief History of the Order of St John (p.xxvii)
Acknowledgements (p.xxxiii)
List of Illustrations (p.xxxv)
Abbreviations and Obverse Inscriptions and Titles on Medals of the Order (p.xxxix)

Section I –
Medals of the Knights – Commemoratives, Decorations and Plaquettes (p.1)
Varia (p.98)
Knights of Malta Medals by Mario Valeriani (p.129)
The Francesco Buonarroti Calchi (p.133)
Personal Awards for Bravery or for Services Rendered to the Order before 1798 (p.144)
Present-day Knighthoods and Honours of the Order of St John (p.147)

Section II –
Orders and Medals of Malta – A Selection (p.155)
Modern Commemorative Medals in Malta (p.157)
Political Figures on Maltese Medals (p.173)
Papal, Royal and Presidential Visitors (p.181)
The Religious Connection (p.188)
The Maltese Nobility Millennium Medal (2000) (p.206)
Museums (p.208)
Exhibitions, Fairs, Conventions, Conferences (p.210)
Scout and Girl Guides Medals (p.220)
Poets and Artists (p.223)
Financial Institutions (p.227)
Band Clubs (p.235)
Education (p.240)
Voluntary Organizations (p.252)
Industry and Commerce (p.260)
Villages and Local Councils (p.270)
Royal Malta Regiment of Militia (p.276)
King’s Own Malta Regiment (p.277)
Armed Forces of Malta (p.278)
The Malta Police Force (p.280)
Freemasonry in Malta (p.286)
Sports (p.290)
Trade Unions (p.312)
Varia (p.314)
Foreign Awards to Maltese Personalities (p.324)

Select Bibliography (p.349)
Appendix I – Latin or Foreign Legends on Medals of the Order (p.355)
Appendix II – Limited Glossary of Terms used in Heraldry (p.362)
Appendix III – Chronological List of Grand Masters of the Order of St John (p.363)
Appendix IV – Maltese Blockade Medals (p.365)
Appendix V – Malts’s System of Honours and Awards (p.374)
Appendix VI – Tokens (p.378)
Maltese Heritage Collectors Coins (p.381)
Index (p.391)

Volume Two

Plates (p.1)

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