Melita Historica Vol. XVI No. 4 (2015)

Editor: David Mallia


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  • The Fr. Carta affair and Freedom of Expression 1928-1932

            Giuseppe Mifsud Bonnici and Ugo Mifsud Bonnici

  • Au sujet des réels motifs du séjour de Favray à Constantinople

            Alain Blondy

  • Tria game (and other) representations on walls: leisure or superstition?

           George Azzopardi

  • The Introduction of Government Elementary Education at Qormi (1842-1861) – A Case Study

           Joseph F. Grima

  • The Slythe Affair

            George  Camilleri

  • Written Texts in  Early-Modern Malta: Forms and Dissemination Patterns

            William Zammit

  • Meditation and Arbitration in Medieval Malta from the records of Notary Zabbara (1471-1500)

            Derek Roebuck

  • A mid-19th century linguematerna catechism of Maltese history

            Charles Savona Ventura

  • Two Papier-Mâché Statues at two Filial Churches in Qrendi in 1679

            H.C.R. Vella

  • A Book on Etiquette dedicated to Malta’s first Cardinal 

            David Dandria

  • ‘Everday’ Life during the Hospitaller Period: Sources and Approaches

            Emanuel Buttigieg

  • The Early Operas of Nicolò Isouard

            Richard Divall



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