The Goddess of Malta: The Lady of the Waters and the Earth



Once, the small islands of Malta and Gozo housed one of the most important and purest goddess cultures in the world. The impressive, megalithic temples, dating back to 3600-2500 BC, testify to its greatness and energy. This is the first book on the goddess who was venerated in these mysterious rooms, the neolithic great goddess in her Maltese manifestation.

This book is not only based on research into the temple cult, with its fine figurines and statuettes, such as the Fat Ladies, but also on new evidence, of the culture in the settlements. From the early beginnings onwards – the Għar Dalam culture with its Weeping Goddess (5500-4500 BC) – the domestic and ritual earthenware was loaded with symbolism. The female artists in the villages also made the clay figurines, with highlights as the “triangular goddess” and the Sleeping Lady.

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