The Dgħajsa and Other Traditional Maltese Boats (Hardback)


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Being a seafaring country, Malta had developed an age-old tradition of boat typologies that have become part of its cultural heritage. The Dgħajsa and Other Traditional Maltese Boats directly captures and records part of our maritime heritage which is in eminent danger of being lost. This publication not only provides an insight into the various remaining specimens, but also analyses the lost harbour crafts reproduced in photographs and paintings by artists such as the Shranz brothers, Giuseppe Calì, Edward Caruana Dingli and Girolamo Gianni. The author also provides an extensive glossary of Maltese nautical terms, and a study on the Regatta, the historical racing event held on the 8th September.
Joseph Muscat is a maritime historian and author of The Maltese Galley and The Maltese Vaxxel.


  • Preface (p.10)
  • Foreword (p.11)
  • Chapter I – Introductory (p.13)
  • Chapter II – The Dgħajsa (p.19)
  • Chapter III – Evolution of the Dgħajsa (p.27)
  • Chapter IV – Building of a Dgħajsa (p.37)
  • Chapter V – The Navy and the Dgħajsa (p.47)
  • Chapter VI – The Dgħajsa men at Work (p.62)
  • Chapter VII – Fishing and Fishing Boats (p.79)
  • Chapter VIII – The Luzzu (p.93)
  • Chapter IX – The Fregatina (p.100)
  • Chapter X – The Gig (p.105)
  • Chapter XI – The Wejla and the Sikk (p.108)
  • Chapter XII – The Bimbu and the Dingi (p.112)
  • Chapter XIII – The Lanċa and the Tunnara (p.115)
  • Chapter XIV – The Xieru and the Barkazza (p.118)
  • Chapter XV – Vessels of Transportation (p.121)
  • Chapter XVI – The Gozo Boat (p.127)
  • Chapter XVII – The Blue Grotto Fregatina (p.134)
  • Chapter XVIII – Harbour Services (p.137)
  • Chapter XIX – The Barkun (p.147)
  • Chapter XX – Pleasure Boats (p.159)
  • Chapter XXI – The 8th September Regatta (p.168)
  • Glossary (p.175)
  • Bibliography (p.181)
  • Index (p.183)

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