Sunset at Mistra Valley

And Other Tales From Malta


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…man is wolf to man and his environment…

There was a sudden and bloody sunset on Mistra Valley. Divine blood and divine vomit started pouring on Mistra Valley. There was lightning and there were rains, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes that re-shaped the Valley, and re-modeled the island and the Mediterranean Sea. The gods will create afresh. They have all the time they need, eternity is so long…

There was a huge stainless steel arm moving menacingly about, it sucked all the water where I floated. I was scared. I tried to avoid its dangerous grip. I kicked, I kicked, but I could not escape, there was nowhere to hide. It clutched my legs, it ripped them away from my body…then it squeezed, it crushed my skull, it hurt, it hurt , God how it hurt as it pulled the out of my mother’s womb… I was bloody fragments deposited inside a stainless steel dish…

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