The Maltese House with the Bright Yellow Door


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Amy was a shy, conscientious girl who was just beginning to gain some confidence after landing her first job and her first boyfriend, Paul, when she was called to her Uncle Jim’s bedside by her Aunty Meg. Being Uncle Jim’s favourite niece, Amy was the obvious choice to help him uncover the secret surrounding the abrupt end to his Army career after a tragic accident when he was stationed in Malta.

As Amy and Paul go to Malta to uncover the secrets that lay behind ‘The Maltese House with the Bright Yellow Door’, she cannot possibly foresee the consequences it will have on so many lives.

This is a story that will lead its reader through the magnificence of the Maltese countryside and into the laid-back lifestyles of its residents, interweaving the ups, and downs and inner turmoil of one Maltese family and their peaceful existence, as Uncle Jim’s secrets unfold through Amy and Paul’s travels.

One thing is for sure…no one’s life will ever be the same again once Amy steps over the threshold of THE MALTESE HOUSE WITH THE BRIGHT YELLOW DOOR.

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