Merging Art and Faith


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Kull bniedem għandu l-forom ta’ twemmin tiegħu u kull bniedem għandu dritt jemmen f’dak li jħoss. Bla dubju ta’ xejn ir-reliġjonijiet huma fost l-aktar li jaffettwawa it-twemmin tal-bniedem. Kull reliġjon għandha l-metodi tagħha kif twassal il-messaġġ lill-bniedem, u dak li għal reliġjon ikun normali għal reliġjon oħra jista’ jkun kompletament differenti, jekk mhux skandaluż.

L-espressjonijiet u l-movimenti f’dawn ix-xbihat devoti u artistiċi huma manifestati permezz tal-arti tal-fotografija, li tkompli twassal il-messaġġ tal-awturi tagħhom.

We, in turn, use art to delve deeper into our minds and to express ideas that would otherwise be or feel inexpressible. For that reason, art holds a key position in our rites of passage and our own unique sets of beliefs, both of which are affected by religion. Yet each religion holds its unique nuances, which may lead to something that is considered normal for one dogma, appear scandalous or heretical for another. 

By focusing on their expression and execution through the medium of photography, we can now continue telling the story these art works’ creators wanted to tell.

Chev. Mario Coleiro O.S.J.

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