Palazzo De La Salle: Genesis and Evolution



Palazzo de La Salle is a storehouse of memory in its own right and it preserves traces of Malta’s historical, political and cultural changes within its walls. Its archives, dating back to the mid eighteen-fifties, bear witness to this legacy.

The archives house a wealth of information and the recent history of the Maltese Islands may be read in between the lines of each handwritten letter, minute, annual report and announcement in its possession.

This publication situates the story of the building and Society of Arts within specific narratives, while at the same time contextualising it within the overarching story of the Maltese Islands. In this way it considers the past whilst keeping an eye to the future.

Palazzo De La Salle: Genesis and Evolution is an illustrated hardback volume containing 240 pages that bring together a collection of new essays penned by local academics and well-known personalities.

These essays aim to offer new perspectives on the history of the palazzo and shine a spotlight on some of the names who have either lived, worked, exhibited or performed there in its 400-year history.

MSA President Arch. Adrian Mamo remarks that the publication of Palazzo de La Salle: Genesis and Evolution commemorates the 100 years that the MSA has been the custodian of Palazzo de La Salle, one of Valletta’s architectural gems. “The publication of this hardback volume is part of a series of year-long events that we have organised during 2023, destined to mark our prestigious Society,” says Mamo.

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