Our Children A Gift

50 Questions and Answers for Parents of LGBTIQ Children



50 Questions and Answers for Parents of LGBTIQ Children

Is it a choice?
Is it our fault that our daughter is gay?
Can our gay son be cured and become straight?
Is gay the same as trans?
How do we tell our family?
What will people say!
Must I choose between my gay son and the Church?

A group of parents of gay or trans sons and daughters who have already faced these and many other questions offer their replies – based not just on books but also on their own experiences, their struggles and pains, their gains and discoveries. They invite you to discover an important truth: that this experience, even though shocking at first, can help you grow as a person and as a parent, and teach you what it really means to love your son or daughter unconditionally. And if you are a beliver this can also be a moment of grace that will strengthen your faith!

You will discover that our sons and daughters are indeed a gift!

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