Neutrality as enshrined in the Maltese Constitution and its relevance today


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Since the Neutrality clause was entrenched into the Maltese Constitution, the world has changed. New threats have risen up and many are asking, yet again, whether Malta should keep its neutral status or not. The many arguments being put forward publicly for such a change; show a clear lack of any proper knowledge on the wording and meaning of the Maltese Neutrality article. No one mentions the meaning of the article in full or covers the present international guarantees that are in place and more importantly of the consequences of the alternatives being suggested.

In order to help build a better picture, this book covers three separate yet related areas regarding Malta’s Neutrality. Firstly, the historical setting of when it was enacted into our Constitution. A deeper analysis the actual definition of the article is carried out in order to avoid the present misinterpretations being put forward. Secondly, we cover the present attack on this Article and the various reasons for the drive to have it removed. Finally, in view of new threats to Malta’s and Europe’s security, arguments as to whether neutrality is still relevant or not are put forward.

In today’s climate, changes to our neutrality is quite a controversial area that could have most adverse effects. It requires very serious discussion which has so far been most lacking. An appropriate atmosphere for proper discussion is required as opposed to the actual vacuum that presently exists on such a matter of high national importance. Are the changes presently being proposed even legal let alone correct? Are they effective or in reality quite illogical? Will the changes create more problems than we are presently facing? As in other countries, should there be far more public consultation or should we just be happy with parliament’s rubber stamping of such affairs of high national/international importance as happened with other serious matters like the Lisbon treaty?

When it comes to our sovereign rights, national inheritance, our future stability and security, we should not remain in our present lethargic state. We need to be asking much more serious questions and demand satisfactory answers from those representing our wishes. Those responsible for Malta’s stability, security should be held far more accountable for their most questionable behaviour.

It is all too important for our present and our future. It effects us all so directly. Regardless of our personal political allegiances.

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