Memento Mori

St John's Co-Cathedral: The Most Beautiful Floor in the World


Two volumes presented in a luxury, hand-made box.


St John’s Co-Cathedral: The Most Beautiful Floor in the World

In his fascinating book Memento Mori, the researcher Dane Munro has painstakingly translated the inscriptions of the tombstones of the Knights into English, offering contemporary readers who are not familiar with Latin a unique insight into the thoughts, fears, and aspirations of the Knights. Munro’s text is accompanied by beautiful photographs by Maurizio Urso, and is published by MJ Publications.

Spread over the grand floor of St. John’s co-cathedral in Valletta, the rich designs, colours, textures, and exquisite veining of marble ledger stones create the effect of a painting. The church is lavishly paved with the finely crafted tombstones of high-ranking Knights of the Order of St John, who lived and died in Malta during the Order’s reign over the island.

Keywords: Knights Hospitaller, Knights Templar

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