Marshmallow Pie: The Cat Superstar



A hilarious series about grumpy cat Marshmallow Pie and his reluctant pursuit of stardom. Perfect for fans of The Secret Life of Pets.

Marshmallow Marmaduke Vanilla-Bean Sugar-Pie Fluffington-Fitz-Noodle is a big, fluffy (and grumpy) cat. He LOVES the easy life: lazing in the sunshine, eating Shrimp Crunchies and annoying Buster, the dog downstairs.

His new owner, Amelia Lime, has grand plans to turn Pie into a STAR… But Pie thinks he’s a star already, to be honest!

Told in the hilarious voice of Marshmallow Pie himself, his mischievous antics are illustrated throughout in black and white.

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Weight 120 g
Dimensions 19.9 × 12.9 cm
Language English
Year of publication
Pages 130
ISBN 9780008355852

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