Maltese through English Book 4




This book is to be used in conjunction with the best-selling Maltese through English series

A comprehensible classification of all groups of Maltese verbs according to origin, root consonants and stem, tenses, and especially all modifications upon the addition of the direct and indirect object pronoun or both. The verbs chosen as examples are different from those used in Book 1 where possible. The main part deals with the ten Forms of the verb of Semitic origin and the spelling changes required when adding the attached pronoun. Another first is an  explanation of how Italian verbs are passed down to the Maltese language and how their conjunction is different between them and their original counterparts. All conjugations depend heavily on whether the verb starts with a vowel or silent letter, and whether they begin with a pure or an impure consonant. A number of verbs are conjugated in both negative and positive. Definitely the most detailed insight into conjugation of Maltese verbs to date.

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