Malta Studies of its Heritage And History


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This publication by Mid-Med Bank aims principally at providing the reader with different and novel views about particular aspects of our heritage and history, and perhaps, thereby, help in creating a better insight into our nation’s culture, a better understanding of our people. Each of the monographs included in this publication contains hitherto “unpublished” material and views about the subject that it examines and analyses.

Each monograph deals with a separate period of our island’s unique prehistory and chequered history. However taken as a whole the collection somehow reveals the progressive unfolding of our nation’s development. A development significantly rich in the evolution of the philosophy of religion yet laden with difficulties and hardships, conquest and occupation. Yet all these factors seem to have combined in the making of our present. All these experiences form an integral part of our heritage, our being.

“It was such a hard task to found our nation”

Joseph A. Buttigieg
from the foreword

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