Humillima Civitas Vallettae – Paperback

From Mount Xebb-er-ras to European Capital of Culture


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The Contributors

Giovanni Bonello – The 1566 Cornerstone of Valletta: Where is it?

Anna Borg Cardona – The Jesuits in 17th-Century Valletta: Their Music and Musicians

Emanuel Buttigieg – Early Modern Valletta: Beyond the Renaissance City

Noel Buttigieg – Food Vendors in Early Modern Valletta

George Cassar – Nineteenth-Century Valletta: A Tourist City in the Making…

Michael Cassar – Baedekering Valletta in 1911

Robert Cassar  – The Annual Religious Cycle of Valletta

George Cini – Strait Street: Salacious, Sensual and Stimulating

Denis A. Darmanin – The First Augustinian Buildings in Valletta

Cynthia de Giorgio – In Search of Caravaggio

Denis De Lucca – A Jesuit Academy of Military Mathematics in 17th Century Valletta

Charles Debono – The Enemy Damages and Reconstruction Sustained by the Governor’s Palace During WW II

Stephen Degiorgio – The Foundation of the Church of Our Lady of Victory

Carmen Depasquale – Eighteenth-Century Valletta as seen by French and Francophone Visitors

Alexei Dingli – Turning Valletta into a Smart Historic City

Matthias Ebejer – A Fortress for the Soul? Religiosity and Asceticism in Hospitaller Valletta 1571-1798

Antonio Espinosa Rodriguez – A House in Valletta: ‘Casa della Falconeria’ The Falconer’s House

Lindsay Galea & Sharon Sultana – The Loan Exhibition: The Catalyst which made the First Malta Museum a Reality

Michael Galea – Random Thoughts on Treasures of Valletta

Albert Ganado & William Soler – An Unknown Map of Valletta made by Pietro Paolo Floriani in 1636 (?)

Fabian Mangion – Mons. Prof. Amante Buontempo J.U.D., Adv. S.R.R. (1920-2004) Qassis u Poeta ta’ Kultura Vasta, Prinċipji Sodi u Ħsibijiet Ċari

Simon Mercieca – Valletta: The Foundation of a Christian Republic according to St Augustine’s Philosophic Principle of Humility

Maria Micallef – A Pictorial Glimpse of War-Torn Valletta

Christine Muscat – The Magdalene’s Stranglehold

Charles Savona-Ventura – The Medical Establishments in Valletta throughout the Centuries

Joseph Schirò – A Newly-Discovered Map of Valletta with Manuscript Additions

Bernadine Scicluna – The Order that Harbours: A Study of Two Views

Maverick Spiteri – Reconstructing Urban Houses in Early Eighteenth-Century Valletta: Some Examples from Records of the Officio delle Case

Caroline Tonna – Leandro Preziosi (1830-1869): The Pioneering Maltese Professional Social Photographer and his Studios in Floriana and Valletta

Theresa Vella & Stephen C. Spiteri – Ġnien is-Sultan

Roger Vella Bonavita – Francesco Laparelli’s Vision for the New City on Mount Xiberras February 1566

William Zammit – Circuses, Power and Piety: Carnivals in Valletta during the 17th and 18th Centuries

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