Malta Prehistory and Temples

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The great temples of Malta lay claim to be the world’s most impressive prehistoric monuments.

They stand out as the single great achievement of the society which created them – a society without cities or written records or any attributes of a civilization other than the monuments themselves.  Most of the temples were built before 3,000 BC and perhaps several centuries earlier, and this in itself makes outside inspiration unlikely.

This book presents a superb pictorial record of all the temples, hypogea, and other sites.  it describes the wonderful statuettes, pottery, and other material that has been excavated from each site, with more than 300 photographs and illustrations, in full colour.

The pages explore key themes such as dating, architecture, stratification, ceramics and the artistic objects found in the temples.

The book features a detailed visual treatment of 30 key sites with photography, artwork, and maps of Malta and Gozo, showing the exact locations of the prehistoric temples.

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