Ancient and Medieval Medicine in Malta (before 1600 AD)


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Ancient and Medieval Medicine in Malta [before 1600] is an account of the history of medicine in its widest sense as practised in the Maltese Islands during the Prehistoric and Classical periods, when medical practice was primarily based on superstition, religion and magic. While superstition and magic prevailed in the subsequent centuries, the late Classical period saw the introduction of a philosophical type of  medical thought looking at disease as a disorder in the basic humours making up the body. This concept set the stage for the eventual scientific advances initiated during the Renaissance. The book outlines the practice of medicine in Malta during these periods and links these to practices prevalent on the continent. It further traces the attempts during the Medieval period of the legislative efforts made by the authorities aimed at controlling public health. It also traces the introduction of philanthropic and hospice services for the benefit of the sick, elderly, and the poor. In addition, the publication also looks at the history of various medical conditions that were affecting the Maltese population, particularly epidemic outbreaks. By looking at an important aspect of social history, the book should be of value to historians and scholars of that period.

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