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The urban, cultural, and political profile of the Maltese islands is deeply marked by the presence for 268 years of the knights of St John.  The Order has left its mark decisively in the collective memory of the Maltese.

Malta- The Order of St John gives a global picture of this multinational institution in those crucial years when Grand Master L’Isle Adam moved the convent from Rhodes to Malta, when legendary Grand Master La Valetta withstood the Turkish assault in 1565, when Grand Masters Wignacourt, Cotoner, and Carafa turned Malta into a centre of Mediterranean corsairing, and Grand Masters Vilhena and Pinto tried to imitate the Central European absolutist princes.  It all came to a sudden – but not unexpectedly – end in 1798 when Grand Master Hompesch handed over Malta to the rising star on the European horizon, Napoleon.  The various diplomatic attempts of the knights to regain their island all failed.

The book also provides the reader with an overview of the most important monuments connected with the knights on Malta and Gozo.


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