Just Dance



Just Dance illuminates the extraordinary life of a girl who had a passion for dance and music.

Ever since her youth one could see and feel how it ran in her blood. Her feelings and her talents always ready to burst out.

Sharon, otherwise known for the Spanish as Charo, or by her stage name “La Dora”, lived a life full of achievements — which she fought for — with a grit like no one has ever seen. She fulfilled many of her dreams, with a lot of love and hard work that always kept her going without toll. She never gave up, no matter what situations arose. She had the ability to take control of whatever the consequences in her own simple and positive way. She had charisma, plus an attitude that made everyone love her. Those who worked with her in her artistic life always stood ready to deliver and give their utmost. Yet Sharon never asked anyone to work harder than she herself was willing to work. It stands to reason why all of her shows met with great success.

We, as her parents, followed the trajectory of Sharon’s star throughout her short but intense lifetime with tremendous admiration and pride. We were always there for her, helping her out and encouraging her, as all parents who love their children long to do.

Once, before he passed away, my husband had said, “Our daughter has had a life full of achievements. Why not put it all in a book?” Thus, from Frank’s original idea, Just Dance ultimately sprang to life. What has animated this journey, what has kept the seed Frank planted alive through many difficult moments and days, is the lasting presence of Sharon’s never-give-up spirit. As you read Just Dance, pause to feel that spirit: infusing the texts, emanating from the portraits and photographs. As you turn these pages, open your heart. Allow your own dreams to come forth; embrace the desire to fulfill them. Find your own reasons to live “all in”. For this is what Sharon would want.

She had the genius to die young, in the full flower of her talent and her beauty.

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