From a Rural Haven to Tourist Paradise – QAWRA

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Qawra Point; Untouched by time, as raw as ever!

The waves are calling out to you and me,

caressing the rocks as old as Adam and Eve.

The high pressure, then the low

going back, then coming forth.

Such beauty in its virgin mould,

such splendour which is not adorned.

Why wait so long to expose its yield?

So lovingly offered to us in need.

It begs us mercilessly, continuously to 

delve deep into its roots,

to forge back a majestically, precious gold

to restore, preserve for Mother earth which crie its daunt.

Let’s learn to sustain its heritage, now,

let’s chant out loud, let’s save our Gem our Qawra point,

 A beautiful throne of living dawn!

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