Failosophy for Teens

A Handbook for When Things Go Wrong


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A Handbook for When Things Go Wrong

An enlightening and reassuring volume that demonstrates how it is possible to learn from situations that didn’t go your way.

Pretty much all of us would like to feel happier, less anxious, more successful and at ease with ourselves. Right?

The key may surprise you:


Failosophy For Teens is an inspiring and empowering guide to those moments when life doesn’t go to plan. Using personal experience and stories shared by guests on her award-winning podcast, How to Fail, Elizabeth’s book is full of creative and inspiring advice on how to:

– talk openly about failure

– turn failure into success

– build resilience for when life sends you curveballs

– reframe negative thoughts about yourself

. . . and much more!

Failing better is the key to learning, growing and ultimately loving yourself as the truly AWESOME human being you are. Failosophy For Teens will challenge your self-perception and change your life!

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