Blame My Brain: The Amazing Teenage Brain Revealed


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A comprehensive and fully updated guide to the biological mysteries that lie behind teenage behaviour.

Scientific research shows what parents have long suspected – the teenage brain IS special! Find out how in this ground-breaking, reassuring and hugely enjoyable book.

Contrary to popular (parental) opinion, teenagers are not the deliberately lazy, risk-taking and work-avoiding individuals they sometimes appear to be to the adults around them.

During the teenage years the brain is undergoing its most radical and fundamental change since the age of two. Nicola Morgan’s carefully researched, accessible and empathetic examination of the ups and downs of the teenage brain has chapters dealing with powerful emotions, gender differences, the need for more sleep, the urge to take risks and the reasons behind addiction or depression.

The comprehensively updated edition of this classic bestseller contains important new research and a brand-new chapter on social media, making it an essential guide for teenagers and adults alike.

  • Cutting-edge science (that won’t make your head spin)
  • Revealing tests and quizzes
  • New information on social media, group pressure and more!

From taking risks to sleeping late, gender differences to depression, uncontrollable emotions to the effect of drugs and alcohol, Blame My Brain tells you everything you need to know about the biology and psychology behind the behaviour.

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