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Using York Notes’ GCSE Study Notes and Revision Guide to Animal Farm will equip you with the skills, knowledge and understanding of George Orwell’s dystopian story needed to write high-scoring examination answers and essays.

GCSE English Literature examiners will award the highest marks for answers which demonstrate an understanding, supported by relevant quotes from the text, of aspects of the novel including the events, characters, themes and historical context. You might be asked, for example, to explore Squealer’s use of language and its influence on other characters, to explain the symbolic significance of the windmill, to compare and contrast the methods by which Napoleon and Snowball seek to achieve power or to explain how Orwell draws parallels between the hierarchy of Manor Farm’s animals and ‘real world’ social classes.

York Notes’ Animal Farm study guides, both printed and online, are designed to help you maximise your revision by providing detailed analyses of the text and key elements, useful contextual and background information and tools including sample exam questions and answers, essay plans and revision tips, equipping you with everything you need to gain the highest grade you can in your GCSE English exam.

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