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York Notes for A Level on Othello is the ultimate companion to William Shakespeare’s classic tragedy and will help you get to grips with all dimensions of the text. Exploring aspects of the work including the play’s genre, structure, characters, historical context and symbolism, this comprehensive revision guide to Othello at A Level and AS will help you to write the very best examination responses and secure the best grade you can.

The York Notes on Othello cover a range of essential key skills such as extract analysis, responding to quotations or viewpoints and using critical interpretations and perspectives. Students who do well in their responses to questions on Othello at A Level are likely to have shown the examiner that they have a detailed knowledge of Othello’s motivations in killing Desdemona, the role that Iago plays in corrupting Othello and the importance of the dual setting in Venice and Cyprus. They will also be able to draw on a range of critical viewpoints to enhance their own interpretation of the drama.

By combining the study guide, interactive online essay tools and revision aids with a wealth of background and supporting information, York Notes’ Othello Study and Revision Pack for A Level and AS students is an invaluable resource that will help to boost your examination marks and secure the best grade you can achieve in your English Literature exam.

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