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Small Effort, Better Maltese!

Malti Aħjar bi Sforzi Żgħar! Ktieb tat-Taħriġ

Charles Daniel Saliba, BDL 2012, pp. 88
ISBN: 978-99957-733377
Price: €7.75

Charles Daniel Saliba has also launched his latest book on the Maltese language. This one, featuring the latest developments in Maltese orthography, is aimed at self-learners who want to bring their knowledge up to date and to improve their grammar and spelling. It is the companion workbook for the pocketsize Malti Aħjar bi Sforzi Żgħar! (Small Effort, Better Maltese!), whose reprint is released at the same time. Multi-topic worksheets and exercises help learners improve proficiency by brushing up their Maltese grammar while learning the new spelling rules. The author is a Maltese language teacher who has taught all MATSEC levels, so he knows where students find difficulties and has designed practical exercises to help them: specific and general exercises on different aspects of the Maltese language; exercises on Deċiżjonijiet 1, the new orthographic regulations published by the National Council for the Maltese Language; three Maltese language proficiency exams; creative revision exercises and games like crosswords and snakes and ladders; and advice on writing and examples of essays, formal and informal letters, emails, circulars and memos. All the answers are in the back of the book.This book is now available in bookshops.

Maltese O-level at your fingertips!

Successinu 1Suċċessinu 1

Charles Daniel Saliba, BDL 2012, pp. 112
ISBN: 978-99957-33-38-4
Price: €8.95

After the success of Qawsallinu, Maltese language teacher Charles Daniel Saliba has launched Suċċessinu 1. This book builds on its predecessor’s foundation by preparing students for the first paper of the SEC (O-level) exam. Information is presented in a clear, logical and concise way. It includes: a detailed explanation of the examination paper; a time-management plan for sitting the exam; advice on writing and examples of essays, letters (formal, informal, and to a newspaper), emails and reports; guidance on the SEC oral exam with notes on the Maltese linguistic culture and other current themes; five model papers of the oral exam and five of Paper 1 of the written exam. All the answers are given in a separate section, making the book ideal for self-learning. Suċċessinu 1 conforms to the latest developments in Maltese orthography and is intended for those sitting the 2014 SEC examination.

Successinu 2Suċċessinu 2

Charles Daniel Saliba, BDL 2012, pp. 176
ISBN: 978-99957-33-45-2
Price: €9.95

Saliba has also launched Suċċessinu 2 to complement the official textbook for the 2014 SEC (O-level) Maltese exam syllabus. The new book covers all the texts listed in the syllabus for Paper 2 and helps students gain a true appreciation of Maltese literature while arming them to pass the exam with flying colours! Written for all students starting their fourth year in September and conforming to the latest developments in Maltese orthography, Suċċessinu 2 includes:

Notes on all the poems and prose listed in the syllabus and published in the literature anthology Bejn Ħaltejn;

  • Plenty of exercises based on the anthology;
  • Advice on good essay writing skills;
  • Model answers in the form of essays;
  • A detailed list of the figures of literary discourse with full explanations and creative exercises;
  • Three model papers of the written exam.

All the answers are given in a separate section, making the book ideal for self-learning.

Suċċessinu 2 complements Suċċessinu 1, a book that prepares students for Paper 1. Together, the two books are perfect for anyone who has to teach, learn or administer the new O-level syllabus and get ready for the 2014 exam. Both books are available in bookshops now.

The Breeding Birds of Malta – Review in British Birds

A review of the The Breeding Birds of Malta has appeared in this January’s issue of British Birds. The review has been written by Prof. Dr Jeremy Greenwood formerly Director of the British Trust for Ornithology. He is currently working in an honorary capacity at the Centre for Research into Ecological and Environmental Modelling of the British Trust for Ornithology. He is also one of the Directors of the British Birds Journal.

Ktieb ġdid mis-sensiela Fil-Kċina m’Anton – PIZZA

Pizza No. 7

Pizza No. 7 li se jkun għall-bejgħ aktar tard f’Awissu huwa ktieb ieħor mis-sensiela Fil-Kċina m’Anton.

Dan il-ktieb jagħti l-opportunità lil kull min iħobb il-pizza, li jagħmel din l-ikla, li dejjem qiegħda isir aktar popolari mal-Maltin. Bħas-soltu Anton jagħtina varjetà kbira ta’ pizez. Fost oħrajn f’dan il-ktieb insibu pizzez bil-brunġiel, bit-tiġieġ, bil-brokkoli, bil-patata, bl-ispinaċi friska u saħansitra bl-aruka. Barra mir-riċetta klassika tal-pizza nsibu riċetti tad-deep pan, il-calzone u l-focaccia.

Kull min iħobb jiekol il-pizza għandu jkollu ktieb bħal dan fil-kċina tiegħu.

Kotba oħra f’din is-sensiela:

Għaġina Ħelwa No. 1 Ikel Sajfi No. 2 Barbeques No. 3 Il-Milied: Cocktail parties u ħelu No. 4 Ikel għall-Milied No. 5 Għaġin No. 6

75 Lehma 75 Fehma

Gozitan, Charles Daniel Saliba, has recently launched a new book named 75 Lehma 75 Fehma. This poem anthology is intended to help students appreciate Maltese literature while passing examinations with flying colours. The book is an important tool for students currently in Junior Lyceums or Secondary schools because it covers nearly all the poems enlisted in the Education division syllabi and private and church schools syllabi. It includes a short note on every poet in this anthology, a selection of poems of these poets, accompanied by explanatory notes and exercises at different levels on each poem.

Apart from all this, there is a detailed explained list of the figures of literary discourse accompanied by exercises, a detailed explanation of examination questions, including SEC questions, good studying skills, and two cultural activities for Maltese and Gozitan students, as well as a detailed explanation of the most common grammatical errors. As expected this book follows the latest developments in Maltese orthography.

The poets included in this anthology are:

Ġan Anton Vassallo (1817–1868); Annibale Preca (1832–1901); Dwardu Cachia (1858–1907); Dun Karm Psaila (1871–1961); Anastasju Cuschieri (1876–1962); Ninu Cremona (1880–1972); Guzè Delia (1900–1980); Mary Meilak (1905–1975); Rużar Briffa (1906–1963); Ġorġ Zammit (1908–1990); Ġorġ Pisani (1909–1999); Anton Buttigieg (1912–1983); Karmenu Vassallo (1913–1987); Dun Frans Camilleri (1919–1990); Parti Marjanu Vella (1927–1988); J.J. Camilleri (1928–); John Sciberras (1932–2004); Victor Fenech (1935–); Daniel Massa (1936–); Achille Mizzi (1939–); Carmel Attard (1943–1994); Joe W. Psaila (1943–); Mario Azzopardi (1944–); Dun George Mercieca (1944–); Philip Sciberras (1945–); Ġorġ Borg (1946–); Joe Friggieri (1946–); Oliver Friggieri (1947–); Carmel Calleja (1948–); Raymond Mahoney (1949–); Charles Bezzina (1961–); Adrian Grima (1968–); Louis Briffa (1971–); Donovan Gatt (1986–); Vanessa Attard (1989–).

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