Edmond Zarb

Born on the 2nd day of March 1945, Edmond Zarb is first and foremost a professional pianist. He plays at the Westin Dragonara Resort on a regular basis. He started his musical career at a very early age under the strict guidance of his father, who was also an acclaimed musician.

For over thirty years, Edmond Zarb was the resident pianist of Hilton International Malta under various General Managers. His vast exceptional repertoire covers both light and classical fields.

But besides music, Edmond Zarb developed a huge interest in the Maltese language since very early childhood. His love for Maltese intrigued him to write several short stories, essays and novels which some of them, namely NINA, EMMA, and F’TGĦANNIQA MAL-MEWT turned out to be bestsellers.

Edmond Zarb finds enjoyment in writing. Today he is well known among his followers. All his published novels were read in serialized form on the National Radio. Moreover, one of his best known works F’TGHANNIQA MAL-MEWT was adapted as a television series and produced successfully on the local TV.

Asked which one of his thirteen novels he prefers, Edmond Zarb gave a straightforward answer: EMMA, followed by NINA… two beautiful stories of love and betrayal.

His lateset novel: Veronika