Valletta Malta’s Hospitaller City

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Hospitaller Valletta was the Order’s capital and conventual headquarters on Malta between 1570 and 1798. It was a politically powerful city, with wide diplomatic representations in all the major Courts of Christian Europe, a vigorous consulate in nearly every single port in the Mediterranean, and, through the Order’s vast and extensive landed estates, close ties with all strata of society. Militarily it grew into one of the strongest fortresses in the great sea and, artistically, it was indeed a genuine and conceptually rich epitome of all Europe, from its initial pre-Renaissance designing stages to the ultimate Baroque embellishment of every secular and religious structure that lay within its formidable and impenetrable walls. Over the years the Hospitaller order-state, a Rhodian legacy, with its seat of government at the heart of the city, radically transformed Malta and the Maltese forever. This book is a collection of seven essays on aspects of Hospitaller Valletta.

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