The Whispering Stones


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A page-turning story that explores the mysteries of Stonehenge and what it meant to the people of the Neolithic and the early bronze age.

Wolf has returned to his village with the stolen spear but his life is far from peaceful. Determined to become a shaman, he is gifted a special amulet which gives him seeing dreams: mysterious visions of the future.

But Wolf’s rivalry with his nemesis Rain takes a nasty turn when Moon, the village shaman and Wolf’s mentor, is poisoned. The village rejects Wolf once again. In order to clear his name, he offers to accompany Moon on a long journey to the Place of the Whispering Stones where sick people go to get cured.

The journey is full of danger. Someone is out to make sure Wolf and his best friend Crow do not get to their destination…

The Wolfsong Series

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Pages 160
ISBN 9781848864610

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