The Mysterious Island


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A page-turning story that explores the mysteries of Stonehenge and what it meant to the people of the Neolithic and the early bronze age.

Wolf’s rival, Rain, has stolen his precious amulet! Furious, Wolf is determined to retrieve it but following Rain takes him and Crow on a journey far beyond the world he knows—over oceans to mountains filled with fire and a mysterious island at the centre of the world.

The Mysterious Island is packed full of mystery, suspense and thrills as Wolf and Crow make their way from The Whispering Stones (Stone Henge), through The Cave of the Dancing Animals (inspired by the caves at Lascaux, France and its hundreds of cave paintings), on to The Growling Island (better known as Sicily, Italy) with its Fire Mountain (Mount Etna) before reaching their final destination, where great powers reside, on The Island at the Centre of The Earth (what we would know today as Malta).’ – David,

The Wolfsong Series

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ISBN 9781848867000

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