The Space Pirates

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These ‘really readable’ Accessible Readers have been specifically created to support the reading development of young readers with learning differences, such as dyslexia.

The Accessible Reader titles feature increased font size and spacing, which improves readability and ensures that the text feels much less crowded; off-white backgrounds that improves text contrast and avoids dazzling readers; and a simplified page layout which reduces distractions and aids concentration.

Sally Comet is the daughter of the galaxy’s most famous space-archaeologists. Together they travel around the galaxy in their famous ship The Gold-Wing, discovering forgotten treasures. However, after they discover the lost tomb of an ancient pharaoh, Sally’s mum and dad are tricked by space pirates who are out to steal the treasures. It is up to Sally to stop them. But how?

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Weight 90 g
Dimensions 21 × 14.8 cm
Language English
Year of publication
Pages 32
ISBN 9781801551649

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