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Lone Wolf Gamebook Book 8

The classic role-playing adventure game

You have vowed to restore your lost Order and train the next generation of Kai Lords. In the distant land of war-torn Talestra lies the next artifact you must seek to fulfill that oath – the Lorestone of Ohrido. Guided by a warrior-magician, you set off on a secret mission into the Danarg, a fetid swamp filled with peril and betrayal.

In THE JUNGLE OF HORRORS, you must face these terrifying dangers while avoiding the machinations of Warlord Zagron and other powerful foes. Time works against you as your ancient enemies, the Darklords of Helgedad, seek an end to their civil war. Once the forces of Helgedad come together again, they will stop at nothing to prevent you from succeeding!

The Jungle of Horrors is the eighth book in the LONE WOLF series – a unique interactive fantasy series. Each episode can be played separately or combined to create a continuous role-playing epic.

What is a gamebook? 
A gamebook is an interactive novel – allowing the reader to participate in a story where you are the hero.
The story branches along different paths using numbered paragraphs called sections.
At the end of each section, you are given a choice. For example –

‘If you wish to fight, turn to section X’.

‘If you wish to flee, turn instead to section XX’.

Your choices determine the tale. Each book can be played multiple times, and new paths charted.

Unlike a Role Playing Game, Lone Wolf can be played alone, any time, anywhere, without dice, tools, or paper. In place of a die, the books provide a random number chart, plus handy character sheets for tracking abilities and equipment.

Lone Wolf, set in the fantasy world of Magnamund, follows the adventures of the lone survivor of an ancient caste of warrior monks – the Kai Lords, sworn protectors of the realm of Sommerlund and masters of many natural & supernatural abilities.

This campaign of adventure is comprised of five ‘series’. And each series contains a complete storyline.

The Kai Series
The first five books chart Lone Wolf’s efforts to thwart the invasion of his homeland and bring Vonotar, the traitor responsible for the death of the Kai Order, to justice.

The Magnakai Series

Books 6-12 cover several years of high adventure. The young Lone Wolf becomes a Kai Master but struggles to understand & control his abilities. To train a new order he must follow the path of Sun Eagle, the first of all the Kai Lords, creator of the Book of the Magnakai on a quest for seven divine artefacts – the Lorestones of Nyxator – hidden in terrible places like the hellish Danarg Swamp and the sunken city of Zaaryx. His quest is hindered by the rise of a new Archlord of the Darklands.

Illustrated by Gary Chalk

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