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Lone Wolf Gamebook


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Lone Wolf Gamebook

The classic role-playing adventure game

YOU are the sole survivor of a devastating attack on the monastery of the Kai, who for thousands of years have protected the realm of Sommerlund. The servants of darkness hunt you across every turn of the page. Can you reach the capital and warn the king of the gathering evil in time? Will you survive?

Choose your skills and your weapons wisely—your choice may be the difference between life and death in the most fantastic and terrifying journey of your life. For you are now the last of the Kai—you are LONE WOLF.

The first episode in a unique interactive series of 32 books. A must-read for fans of gaming and fantasy.

What is a gamebook? 
A gamebook is an interactive novel – allowing the reader to participate in a story where you are the hero.
The story branches along different paths using numbered paragraphs called sections.
At the end of each section, you are given a choice. For example –

‘If you wish to fight, turn to section X’.

‘If you wish to flee, turn instead to section XX’.

Your choices determine the tale. Each book can be played multiple times, and new paths charted.

Unlike a Role Playing Game, Lone Wolf can be played alone, any time, anywhere, without dice, tools, or paper. In place of a die, the books provide a random number chart, plus handy character sheets for tracking abilities and equipment.

Lone Wolf, set in the fantasy world of Magnamund, follows the adventures of the lone survivor of an ancient caste of warrior monks – the Kai Lords, sworn protectors of the realm of Sommerlund and masters of many natural & supernatural abilities.

This campaign of adventure is comprised of five ‘series’. And each series contains a complete storyline.

The Kai Series
The first five books chart Lone Wolf’s efforts to thwart the invasion of his homeland and bring Vonotar, the traitor responsible for the death of the Kai Order, to justice.

Illustrated by Gary Chalk

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