The International Dictionary of Artists Who Painted Malta



Nicholas de Piro, a historian and author combines his great love of art and the island of Malta, with his unique eye for observation to create an unraveled anthology of paintings about the Maltese islands.

This second edition, expanded, enhanced, and even corrected from the highly acclaimed 1st edition, contains over 1,200 artists and as many beautifully produced illustrations spread over more than 500 pages.

Special attention is given to artists who have contributed significantly to the art scene in Malta and those whose paintings left Malta with important historical records. In some cases their work is amplified by the way of full page illustrations and a selection of different pictures to illustrate the range of their output and the development of their style.

Spanning half a millennium of Maltese vistas, Nicholas de Piro’s well-researched dictionary includes a wide spectrum of Maltese talent as well as the hundreds of visiting artists who recorded their observations of Malta and her people. The dictionary is arranged alphabetically, and many artists are represented by one or more paintings.

This extraordinary book represents 20 years of meticulous research and is, without a doubt, the essential guide for art collectors and lovers of Melitensia.

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