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Celebrating 200 years of Schranz can unashamedly claim to have put Schranz studies on a firmer footing than anything before it, opening doors, exploring new avenues, unleashinga swell of fresh insights and reflections.
It follows in the footsteps of the Schranz exhibition of 1987 held in the Mdina Cathedral Museum, and the book of groundbreaking essays that had been published in parallel with it, edited by Mgr John Azzopardi. This publication updates that research in a spectacular manner, adding plenty, correcting marginally, reappraising with new inspiration.
Together with the great 2018 Schranzes’ exhibition under the aegis of Heritage Malta, Celebrating 200 years of Schranzwill erect an unmissable monument to the memory of these industrious and devoted priests at the altar of beauty.
Editor:  Giovanni Bonello

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Editor Giovanni Bonello

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