The DIY BBQ Cookbook


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Whether you’re new to barbecuing and simple want to give it a go, or are a BBQ aficionado keen for a new challenge, this book has something for everyone.

PART ONE will walk you through the process of making 10 DIY BBQs with step-by-step instructions to suit all spaces, whether you’re barbecuing on the beach, in the park, in an urban backyard, a balcony or rooftop terrace, or if you’re on the road with a campervan.

PART TWO will then move on to an array of 50 delicious recipes for everything from scallop skewers, BBQ monkfish and a whole spatchcocked chicken with shawarma rub, through to burgers like you’ve never had before and even a whole pig. There will also be a chapter covering all the spice rubs, marinades and dressings you can pull together to take your barbecuing to the next level.

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