Pipers Farm: The Sustainable Meat Cookbook

Recipes and Wisdom for Considered Carnivores


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Recipes and Wisdom for Considered Carnivores: How to eat ‘less but better’ sustainably produced meat via a seasonal flow, in harmony with nature and regenerative farming principles

This book is an aria for proper meat. Meat as it was before it got messed with. Before animals became a unit of production, but were reared to produce excellent food, and were willingly given an equally excellent life.

It explores the connection between nature and farming and the result is a mixture of hands-in-the-earth farm stories and meat-first carcass balanced seasonal recipes. Meat is revered and stretched as far as we can make it go by respecting the animal and using every part, cheek to lard, tendon to tail.

The recipes are not just meat and two veg, but provide cooking that is devised for the way we live today. Think a modernized version of warming farmhouse food, to suit the weather and our homes. Fast, fresh, surprising dishes for midweek, and slow-cooking or theater pieces shared with friends for weekends and holidays.

Far from countering the vegan spike, this is the definition of fair, honest, sustainable food. This is meat done right.

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