STP Mathematics 9

3rd Edition


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3rd Edition

Written by a highly experienced and respected author team, the third edition of STP Mathematics provides complete and comprehensive coverage of the 2014 Key Stage 3 Programme of Study. Maintaining its rigorous and authoritative approach, this fully updated textbook also develops students’ problem-solving skills, preparing them for a high level of achievement at Key Stage 3 leading onto the higher tier at GCSE.

This Student Book features: 

  • a wealth of mathematical problems – a sophisticated problem opens and closes every chapter and real-life problem questions a highlighted throughout
  • worked examples – to illustrate and expand all topics
  • a wealth of carefully graded questions – plenty of initial practice questions followed by varied questions for stretch, challenge and to encourage understanding of links between topics
  • practical work, investigations, and puzzles – at the end of every chapter, ideal for stimulating higher ability pupils
  • summaries, revision exercises and mental arithmetic practice – for reinforcement, consolidation and to check progress.

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