Speaking Maltese

Maltese for Foreigners - Level A1


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Speaking Maltese 

This book contains 22 realistic dialogues, with parallel translations, to help you learn Maltese, improve your reading and listening skills and at the same time work on your speaking skills without having constantly to look in a dictionary. After each dialogue is a detailed table containing new verbs so you can familiarize yourself with how Maltese grammar works. You will also find a box with important expressions and their translations. Make sure that you learn these expressions because they are frequently used in day-to-day conversations.

Speaking Malteseis perfect to use in a beginner’s course and is suitable to use on your own, in groups or at school. With this book you can:

  •      Discover the Maltese language
  •      Enrich your vocabulary;
  •      Learn more Maltese expressions;
  •      Hear each dialogue being read in standard Maltese by native speakers;
  •      Hear each dialogue being read in dialect by native speakers;
  •      Improve your reading, listening, and speaking skills;
  •      Explore the Maltese culture, place names and people’s names.

Syllabuses can be downloaded from here.

Downloadable Audio

Listen to Native Maltese Speakers Reading This Series

You can purchase the MP3s for an additional cost and listen to each numbered section being read by a native speaker. For more information, please click here.

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