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HMS Active was completed June 1977 after delays awaiting components for her Exocet missile system.  She is seen here with her Exocet missile in place abaft the single 4.5-inch gun.  In 1978 she assisted with anti pollution measures in the North Sea when the Greek tanker ELENE V was cut in half by another vessel.  In 1979 she helped evacuate refugees from Gulf port during disturbances ashore.  She took part in the Falklands War in 1982, carrying out bombardments during the final assault on Port Stanley.  She was transferred to the Pakistan Navy in September 1994 and renamed SHAH JEHAN.

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A mix of old and new, the Type 12 frigates TENBY and TORQUAY in company with the Type 15 frigates WIZARD, URCHIN, VENUS and VIRAGO off Cornwall in 1963, whilst operating as the Seventeenth Frigate Squadron.  The First Division of the Squadron trained young officers from Dartmouth, whilst the Second and Third Divisions trained young sailors and apprentices.  These ships were also used for a variety of other training (Commanding Officers (Designate), nagivation, gunnery firings, etc.) and were also required to take their share of normal Fleet duties.

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