Recollections of a Malta HAA Gunner


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Maurice G. Agius served in a Heavy Anti-Aircraft regiment of the Royal Malta Artillery right through the Second Siege of Malta 1940-43. He narrates his story in an easy going way. He describes how he and his troop of some seventy men lived in the claustrophobic gun positions through well over tree thousand air raids firing away at hordes of Italian and German aircraft. There were some narrow escapes. He writes how, as young officer, he started a special friendship with his men and won their loyalty and complete trust. They never faltered when performing their duty even HAA gun positions were being singled out for attack and when for some weeks AA was the only defence Malta had against the might of the Luftwaffe. They fired their guns while their home towns and villages were being bombed and for long periods on a nearly empty stomach. He feels very honoured to have served with such modest but very brave men.

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