Pietro Paolo Troisi (1686-1750)

A Maltese Baroque Artist


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This book is a monograph about Pietro Paolo Troisi, an outstanding Maltese Baroque Artist (1686-1750)  which draws out his abilities in the fields of sculpture, engraving, silver-smithing and architectural design from church choir stalls to highly decorative grand temporary structures erected for important occasions. Troisi designed and minted some of the finest gold coins some  and was eventually  appointed  Master of the Mint in the times of Grand Master Manoel de Vilhena. He also sculpted bronze busts of Vilhena and the grand full size statue of this Grand Master which stands in Floriana is attributed to him. Among his well known architectural designs are the triumphal arches erected at Mdina on the occasion of the “possesso”  of the Old City of Grand Masters Zondadari and Vilhena,. Troisi also designed the magnificent Altar of Repose yearly erected at the Mdina Cathedral during Holy Week.

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