Joseph A. Briffa

Joseph A. Briffa is an architect who graduated at the Royal University of Malta in 1961 obtaining his B.Arch., degree and the diploma of A.& C.E.  He later joined the Public Works Department in 1963 and retired in 1997 as the Director of the Construction and Maintenance Department following the reformed Works Division. This Department had the Restoration Unit of the Division attached to it thus providing Briffa the opportunity to work in the restoration and maintenance of the Presidential Palaces and public monuments.

Joseph Briffa also obtained a diploma in religious studies from the University of Malta in 2002 and an  M.A. in Baroque Studies from the International Institute for Baroque studies within the said university in 2004. In fact Briffa wrote this monograph as an outcome of a revision of the dissertation on the same subject which he presented in partial fulfilment for his M.A. degree.

Joseph A. Briffa is the author of “Pietro Paolo Troisi 1686-1750 – A Maltese Baroque Artist.