Ornamental Plants of Malta (Hardback)



Ornamental Plants of Malta is a result of one of his research projects dealing with the Flora of the Maltese Islands. In this book almost all the ornamental plants cultivated in public places in Malta (approcimately 450 species), are included. Descriptions of the ornamental plants are complemented by about 600 full-colour photographs, with notes on the flowering time, place of origin and occurrence in Malta, and remarks (e.g. about cultivation details) are included to provide the reader with useful background about certain plants.

An invaluable aid for plant lovers, gardeners, students, and teachers, scientists and tourists, and all those interested in learning more about the variety of ornamental plants to be found in Malta and the Mediterranean region.

The books are stored shrink-wrapped and some pages tend to get a bit stuck until they are opened the first time. The reduced price is a reflection of their condition.

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