Gardening in Malta

The Ultimate Gardening Guide for Malta and Gozo



“If one thinks of horticulture in Malta one’s thoughts immediately turn to the island’s leading horticulturalist Peter Calamatta. Peter practices his expertise not only as a profession but more so as a vocation. The love, commitment and dedication conveyed by him to this discipline is momentous. Peter firmly believes that as a horticulturalist he is a creative artist working with the rich natural palette of trees, plants and flowers spread out on what he terms as a ‘living canvas’.
– Prof. Richard England
Architect, Artist and Visiting Professor at the University of Malta

“Where gardening is concerned Peter Calamatta has become a household name, having been associated with gardening and landscaping for some fifty years and has done much to promote a philosophy of greening in a country which had resigned to its aridity. Mr. Calamatta’s book will fill a void and that is hoped that it will inspire more people to participate in the improvement of our environment particularly where human hand has mutilated it.”
– Prof. Edwin Lanfranco
Botanist and Visiting Professor at the University of Malta

“It was in 1993 that in my capacity as the Chairman of the Malta International Airport (MIA), I had asked Peter Calamatta to transform the new airport terminal grounds into the established and lush gardens that they are today. Besides being a close friend, I always knew Peter as a man of vision and he has made me feel proud to have been associated with a project which has become Malta’s first and lasting impression to all those visiting our islands.”
– Nick de Giorgio
Management Consultant

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