Mobilisation In Action

A history of civil defence Malta: 1940-1943


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Mr. Anthony Zarb-Dimech’s firs book totled ‘Taking cover – A History of Air-Raid Shelters: Malta 1940-1943’ was received with much interest and was a success sory. Books about Malta under  siege during the Second World War have been written but the civilian aspect seems to have taken a second place and the role of the civilian defence build up and mobilisation merit nore detailed attention. The author felt it necessary to fill in this lacuna by trating this subject from the civilian defence point of view. The role of Government Departments operating under high-risk conditions under frequent air attacks is deal with. The book is vividly illustrated with pictures and documents giving it more life whilst reading the text. Mr Zarb-Dimech is keen collectors of ephemera; memorabilia and artefacts related to the Secong World War that has been a sort of obsession and feels that he sould share his knowledge with as large an audience as possible.

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