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Mintoff – Il-Bniedem u L-Istorja – is a new 600 page volume of its genre which offers a widearray of analyses and studies concerning the exploration of the life, thepersonality, the exploits and the thoughts of the late Dom Mintoff.

Edited by Mario Cutajar, the book is essentially a collection of 26 contributions by different authors from a sociological, anthropological, historical, economical and political point of view. Together these proffer an inter-disciplinary invitation for further reflections. The book also includes some eleven writingsor speeches by Mr Mintoff himself, and also many photographs (some appearingfor the first time) from Mr Mintoff’s private and public life taken from private and public collections in Malta and the UK.

The book is to be issued by SKS, the editorial house of the Labour Party, with the intention to initiate a discussion on which Mr Mintoff was, on how he may be understood from the perspective of different academic and intellectual disciplines, and on what relevance he might have for current and future generations of Maltese. In otherwords, the objective of SKS is not to construct a cult or a monolithic vision of Mr Mintoff but, on the contrary, to offer readers the possibility of moving beyond partisan viewpoints and perceptions, and begin to look upon Mr Mintoff’s personality and figure in a manner which will be as objective as possible.

The main aim of the book is not to tender a final word on the subject. On the contrary, it is to stimulate and inspire readers to avoid passionate or hasty judgements about Mr Mintoff, and to begin discovering him in the context of the material conditions which made him possible and the limitations within which Mr Mintoff understook his political, social, economic and cultural ventures.

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