Mibdul: Issue 2



Story by Teodor Reljić, Art by Inez Kristina

Ancient monsters have awakened from beneath the surface of the small planet-wide city of Mibdul, but what awoke them, and why are they here?

As they creep their way to the surface, the young Magla contends with the loss of her beloved mother, while helping her father run a tourism centre. But while both Magla’s friend and colleague Hayrun and the merciless businesswoman Orion court the attentions of the cybernetic denizens of the Velocifero for opposing ends, the monsters make their steady lurch forward …

Mibdul tells a colourful and gripping story, while also dipping into familiar political scenes to lend a flavour and satirical edge to a story that otherwise draws from a rich well of pop culture and myth.

Keywords: Comic, Graphic Novel

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Weight 90 g
Dimensions 24 × 17 cm
Language English
Year of publication
Pages 24
ISBN 9789990919776

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