Let’s Face It

Passion, Nostalgia, Humour, Frustration and Sentiment



Passion, Nostalgia, Humour, Frustration and Sentiment

Illustrated by Marisa Attard

This entertaining collection takes us back to a Malta long gone. Wit and humour, memory and nostalgia – but also wistful reflection – can be found in these pages. The illustrations bring their own sense of fun, but their own subtle observation too.

“Yes I have laughed, and yes I have known the feeling of sorrow…Let’s Face It is a study of what, sometimes, might be nostalgic. It is concocted from legends and memories without trying to push too many idealised, sincere, and loving intentions. On the other hand, I hope you will find in it, critical or not, a lot of affection for the Malta we love. The book contains a hundred and nineteen poems all of which, except for nine, have never appeared before.” – Nicholas de Piro

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Language English
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Pages 240
ISBN 9789918007141

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