Legislation in Malta: 1918-1928

A History



A History

“Eminent Maltese legal historian, Professor Raymond Mangion, has peened a thoroughly well researched book. Although the time span of this study is relatively short, it is indeed quite rich in content in as for as legislation goes, especially after the first self-government constitution of 1921 was given by the imperial authorities to Malta, then still a fortress colony of the United Kingdom. The first Maltese legislature – what we today would call a parliament – came into being in this period and, although it did not enjoy full sovereignty in so far as certain matters did not fall within its jurisdiction and were reserved only for the UK authorities, it is still considered to be a very productive legislative period as evidenced by the laws discussed in this volume. It is indeed in this period that the Maltese began to experiment with their first legislative institution and to continue to perfect it with the passage of time. Apart from being of interest to the legal historian, to the legal profession and to law students, this volume appeals also to those other professionals and Melitensia scholars who have an interest in uncovering the laws that regulated their subject of interest.” – Prof. Kevin Aquilina, University of Malta

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